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General Clean and Care Tips

​Clean and Care

Stone countertops are an excellent choice for durability.  It is important to care for each stone properly to prevent damage and increase the life of your investment.

  • Excessive heat can crack stone countertops.  Always protect counters from hot pots, pans, and dishes by using barriers that allow airflow under the hot item, such as a trivet.  This is particularly important for slow cookers that expose the stone to heat for several hours.

  • Cracks in the stone can be caused if it is subjected to excessive weight.  Avoid sitting or standing on the countertop, as this can result in damage to the stone.

  • Ensure spills are cleaned immediately.  Even with sealant, your stone can be etched and damaged by chemicals, dyes, acids, etc.  It is important to care for your stone in the manner that will extend its life.  See cleaning and care tips for each type of stone below, as acceptable products and methods vary depending on the stone.

  • Always use a cutting board with preparing food that involves cutting.  Cutting directly on the stone can cause scratching.

  • Our stone is always finished with a sealant.  Normal wear and tear removes the finish and the stone will need to be resealed.  How often you need to reseal depends upon the type and color of the stone.  Refer to instructions for your particular type of stone on timelines for resealing.  

Each type of stone has it's own specific needs and cleaning and care varies.  Below, you will find specific instructions for each type of stone.