Status:  Granite, LLC

Clean and Care

Combine poultice powder with a small amount of liquid dish soap to form a paste.  Apply the paste over the stain.  Cover the stain with a clear plastic wrap, tightly sealing the edges with tape to lock in the air.  Allow this to sit for a couple of days.  The poultice will draw the stain out of the stone surface.

Materials like gum, nail polish, paint, etc. may be scraped with a sharp edge (a razor blade, parallel to the surface).  Difficult spots may be treated with acetone.  Scrub and always rinse thoroughly.

General Cleaning

We suggest you use a mild liquid dish soap and water or a stone soap.  Since you want to maintain granite's shiny surface, avoid leaving a soapy film on the surface.

Deep Stain Removal

Spray or wipe the stone sealer over the counter top. Wait 4 to 5 minutes for it to dry.  Wipe off any excess residue.  Complete every 6 months.

Difficult Spots

Spills and Stains

Blot the spill with a paper towel immediately.  Soak the area with mild soap and water, then rinse.  Dry the area thoroughly with a soft cloth.