Stain Removal

Difficult Stain Removal

Granite is sealed to prevent staining.  It is recommended that the customer seal their granite every six months.  Spray or wipe the penetrating stone sealer over the surface, wait 4 or 5 minutes for it to dry, then wipe off any excess residue.

Proper Sealing

​Blot the stain with a paper towel immediately.  Do not wipe the area, as this will spread the spill.  Flush the area with mild soap and water, then rinse.  Dry the area thoroughly with a soft cloth.  Repeat as necessary.  Your granite has been sealed, but may need additional sealing after install.  Properly sealed granite should have little or no staining.

Spills & Stains

Stains left on the surface for an extended period of time could cause residual staining.  These stains usually dissipate on their own.  If a stain does persist, combine poultice powder with a small amount of mild liquid dish detergent to form a pasty substance.  Apply the substance to the stain and cover with clear plastic wrap.  Ensure the edges are tightly sealed with tape to lock in air.  Allow to sit for a couple of days.  Rinse and dry the surface after washing.

For daily maintenance, mild soap and water is recommended.  Use a mild liquid dishwashing detergent or stone soap and water.  Do not use a lot of soap to avoid leaving a film on the surface.  Thoroughly rinse and dry the surface after washing.

General Cleaning

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Clean & Care:  Granite

Adhered materials like gum, nail polish, paint, etc.  When necessary, you may scrape adhered materials with a sharp edge such as a razor blade.  Ensure the sharp edge is used parallel to the surface.  You may treat the difficult spot with acetone.  Scrub and rinse thoroughly.